Returning To Church  DURING COVID-19

We are in this with you and for you.

We bemoan the fact that we have to wear masks once again. However, as your leaders and shepherds, we are committed to do our due diligence and work alongside the medical community and state government in doing our part to keep as many people healthy as possible. 
To that end, the following guidelines are to be followed regardless of vaccination status:  

  • Masks must be worn inside church facilities by those entering kindergarten and older. This includes worship services, meetings, classes, and all other activities.


  • Food and drink may not be consumed in areas where 6 feet of distancing cannot be maintained between individuals/family units. 


  • Office Staff will wear masks when 6 feet of distancing cannot be maintained between themselves, co-workers, and visitors. Office Staff will ask unmasked visitors to place a mask over their nose and mouth before entering buildings and/or their individual offices.


  • PDO Staff will wear masks while inside church facilities, operating carpool and when working with other classes/staff members. The only exception is that for the holistic health of our preschooler’s development, teachers will be permitted to remove their masks while in their classroom with their assigned students.


  • PDO parents, siblings, and visitors who are of kindergarten age and older (5 years old and up) must wear masks when inside church facilities.

The Governor’s mask mandate is set to expire on September 1, 2021. If revisions are put into place before that date, we will pass on new guidelines for Blackwater UMC. Our goal is to care for and love one another well while together. Please help us do that. 


Please let us know if you have any questions. We can't wait to see you!
God bless,
Rev. Pattye & Rev. Angie