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Rexorth 17FO Hydraulic Pump Delivers Increased Power while reducing operating costs

Maximum system power is more than doubled.

Rexorth A17FO Hydraulic Pump Delivers Increased Power while reducing operating costs

The Rexroth 17FO prime mover has been designed to handle the highest power requirements of hydraulic systems. The maximum system power is more than doubled compared to the previous model, and a substantial increase in efficiency makes it possible to reduce the operating costs. The new hydraulic pump is well suited for use in applications such as mining and construction machinery, as well as agricultural equipment.

The 17FO is available in two versions: one with a displacement of 9.7 liters (3.0 gal) and another with 11.6 liters (3.8 gal). Both variants are fitted with a metal housing and an oil-filled casing. The impeller is made from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) for high wear resistance and low weight. A new design of the volute reduces pressure losses during operation, thus improving efficiency by up to

Approximately 50% higher power density than comparable pumps.

Rexroth Group has developed the Rexroth 17FO Hydraulic Pump, which delivers increased power while reducing operating costs. The compact design and high efficiency of the 17FO hydraulic pump reduce energy consumption and cost of ownership.

Rexroth claims that the Rexroth 17FO hydraulic pump is approximately 50% higher power density than comparable pumps. The 17FO has a single-stage design with a maximum pressure of 3,000 bar (43,560 psi) and flow rates up to 7,500 l/min (1,480 gpm). This allows for higher power densities in applications such as mining trucks or excavators.

The Rexroth 17FO is available in four sizes: 515, 615, 815 and 1020 mm diameters with stroke lengths ranging from 200–400 mm. These pumps are designed for use in harsh environments including those found in mining equipment and construction equipment such as excavators and bulldozers.

Continuous duty cycle pressure rating.

Rexroth hydraulic pumps are designed to deliver the power and efficiency needed for demanding applications. Rexroth offers a wide range of hydraulic pumps for high-pressure, large flow applications including heavy-duty rotary or piston pumps, fixed displacement centrifugal pumps, and variable displacement vane pumps.

The Rexroth 17FO is a compact, single-stage axial piston pump that delivers high performance in continuous duty cycles. The 17FO has a continuous pressure rating of 2.3 bar at 5,000 rpm (1 bar = 14.5 psi). Its compact size makes it ideal for mobile equipment where space is limited and for applications requiring high power density such as construction machinery and mining equipment.

The 17FO is available with an optional cast iron casing that provides excellent corrosion resistance in harsh environments such as marine or mining applications. It also features an automatic lubrication system that keeps the working parts lubricated while minimizing downtime due to maintenance needs.



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